About us



Data - Human - Decision Synchrony

We are a decision science organization assisting clients to leverage their under-utilized data in making complex business decisions successfully. We comprise of Data Enthusiasts (engineers, scientists visualizers), Business Consultants, and Sales Managers with a core focus to address your business growth via data.

The most unique aspect of Data would be containing unique problems/opportunities even for organizations in the same sector. Since Marktine’s inception, we have worked with several sectors across Industries. We are still growing and consistently striving to improve to deliver world-class Data Assessment & Management Services. We do not follow a complex process rather strive to make complex data terminologies as simple as possible for our clients.

From the team’s perspective, we adhere to complete industry standards following proper work-life balance among employees and provide the knowledge space for improvement. We encourage team building and follow a culture of innovation, transparency, and integrity. We are always open for the right enthusiasts to join our team.

Value Proposition

Develop Professional Standards

We adhere to build strong client engagement with the utmost obligation to be precise, transparent and ethical

Flexibility as per demand

We align our experience with the client's demands and follow a flexible approach for better communication

Develop In-House Capability

We understand the gaps present in the client's premises and help develop those capabilities in-house.