Privacy Policy

Marktine’s privacy policy was written on 15th Aug 2017 and updated on 6th March 2019. We have compiled the list of important privacy terminologies here.  They are applicable when you access our website. Kindly have a thorough go-through our website. While accessing our website, we consider you to have agreed to our terminologies.

Your Privacy:

We vow to protect your privacy and your delicate information.  By our privacy policy, we indicate our method of collection & usage of information, sharing of information to any other source of tool etc.


Personal Data:

Personal data refers to data w.r.t to an individual or collection of people  to identify the personnel form that database.

Usage Data:

Usage data refers to data collected via use of our services or inquiring us for any general discussion of solutions. (Example, Inquiry form fill-up)


This refers to small chunk of data collected and stored on a visitor’s known device.

Data Controller:

This would be an individual or a group of people who would determine the usage of the personal data collected not the website.

Data Processors:

This may be an entity or person who would be having the data on behalf of data controller. We could use services of any number of service providers for better processing of data.

Data Subject:

It may refer to living individual whose data may be stored in our database


This refers to the general population visiting our website and using our service. Use may resemble with the Data Subject by being an ongoing user.

Information Collection:

We collect information via different sources/fields for an individual. This may be used for various process for better service to our clients.

Data Collection Types:

Personal Data:

While getting you interested in our services, thought leadership, any general inquiry etc. we may ask you to share some identifiable information to recommend our knowledge or reach out to you understand your query. Information collection areas would contain but are not limited to Full Name, Contact Number, Email, Country, Organisation name, Specific query information, Cookies and usage data.

The mode of contact can be a direct call, email campaign, Newsletter, Promotional materials, We provide the liberty to opt out of any such content related information to discontinue any further communication on behalf of Marktine.

Usage Data:

We may also collect usage data from your end of our services. This may include users IP address Collection, browser information, page visits, visit duration, etc.

Tracking & Cookies Data:

While using cookies and some tracking solutions we may hold certain information. Cookies are small information packets which includes an unique identifier details. These are stored on your device and are sent from the visited website. The Tracking solutions also performs the same functions as stated by the cookies i.e. to collect, locate users device and location and improve our services. You have the option to refuse the cookies to collect the information. But, by not opting for it may lead to non-availability to some of our services.

Cookies we use:
Session Cookies –

This allows us know user characteristic on our website which allows us to improve our operations of services

Preference Cookies –

This helps our database to remember specific setting or preferences chosen by you

How we use the Data

Provide better optimized services

Monitor type of audience on our website

Share valuable information related

Help users navigate through the site efficiently

To avoid technical issues faced by users

Data Retention

User captured data would only be used as stated in the privacy policy. The data collected would be retained to comply with all legal obligations, resolving disputes, and apply our legal policies. Also, the data would be used for internal analysis. Data obtained is collected for a short period, except the data used to collect information to help serve the customers better by sharing valuable information in form of newsletter or case studies. Also we are legally bound to retain data for longer duration as well.