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Cognitive Services

Accelerate software development and unleash the potential of your applications with Marktine Cognitive Services.

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Azure Cognitive Services

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Speech to text

Transcribe audible speech into readable, searchable text.

Text to speech

Convert text to lifelike speech for more natural interfaces.

Speech translation

Integrate real-time speech translation into your apps.

Speaker recognition

Identify and verify the people speaking based on audio.

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Entity recognition

Identify commonly-used and domain-specific terms.

Sentiment analysis

Automatically detect sentiments and opinions from text.

Question Answering

Distill information into easy-to-navigate questions and answers.

Conversational language understanding

Enable your apps to interact with users through natural language.


Translate more than 100 languages and dialects.

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Azure Cognitive Services for Vision

Identify and analyze content within images and videos.

Custom Vision

Customize image recognition to fit your business needs.

Advanced Image Analysis

Detect, classify, caption, and gain insights from images using 10,000+ concepts and objects.

Intelligent Facial Recognition

Recognize and verify human identities for innovative applications.


Anomaly Detector

Identify potential problems early on.

Content Safety

Detect potentially offensive or unwanted content.


Create rich, personalized experiences for every user.

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Open AI

OpenAI Service

Apply advanced coding and language models to a variety of use cases.

Pretrained AI Models

Leverage powerful, pre-trained AI models to explore new possibilities and applications without starting from scratch.

Custom AI Models

Tailor AI models to your specific needs by fine-tuning them with your own data and hyperparameters.

Responsible AI

Ensure ethical and responsible AI usage with integrated safety features to minimize potential risks and biases.

Enterprise Security

Safeguard sensitive data and control access efficiently with role-based access control and private networks in place.

Explore The Benefits

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AI Research for Customizable Models

AI Research for Customizable Models

Leverage groundbreaking AI research to utilize flexible, preconfigured models tailored to your needs.

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Offer Unified Cognitive Services Deployment

AI Research for Customizable Models

Seamlessly deploy Cognitive Services in various computing environments, from cloud-based platforms to edge devices, leveraging the versatility and efficiency of containerization.

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Empowering Ethical AI Usage

AI Research for Customizable Models

Enable users to engage in responsible and ethical AI usage through the adoption of industry-leading tools and guidelines that ensure accountability and promote ethical decision-making.

Build Your own Azure AI solutions with Marktine

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Marktine empowers you to harness Azure AI’s full potential. With our expertise, build customized AI solutions for your specific needs. From language processing to computer vision, transform your business like never before.

Case Studies

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What are Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based APIs and services by Microsoft for adding AI capabilities to applications without extensive ML expertise.

What programming languages are supported by Azure Cognitive Services?

Azure Cognitive Services provide SDKs and APIs for various programming languages, including C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C, and more. Check the Azure documentation for specific language support for each service.

Can Azure Cognitive Services be used on-premises or only in the cloud?

Azure Cognitive Services are primarily cloud-based services provided by Microsoft. However, some services, such as Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech, offer containers that can be deployed on-premises or in hybrid environments.

What are examples of Azure Cognitive Services applications?

Automated image analysis, speech transcription, sentiment analysis, language translation, anomaly detection.

Can Azure Cognitive Services be customized?

Yes, with options for fine-tuning language models and training custom models using Custom Vision and Custom Speech.

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