What We Offer

Marktine offers organisations find relevant scope and scale to apply Artificial Intelligence technologies in their sector. AI is not a single phenomenon but a gamut of complex technologies to develop a synchrony of machine with human intelligence. This brings more comprehensible, foresight conclusions helping expand the normal human decision making.

There is a huge surge across sectors in applying AI based solutions across the globe. But, there is still a dearth of delivery partners which can fill the silos among the management and the their vision for its application . We at Marktine focus on AI as Applied intelligence.

Our Approach

➤Client discussion on scoping business challenges, explore opportunities, and help build agile solutions

➤Work on building relevant structural arrangements to build a prototype to reflect final product imagery

➤Choosing & applying validated, trusted AI Case Studies to relevant industry and advise practical and achievable solutions followed by continuous research, innovation and project management

Challenges Addressed

➤Understand the potential of the Dark Data

➤Find, align & collaborate Data quantity with quality

➤Availability of fragmented and improbable data supply chain

➤Address specific problem via searching and finding case-specific solutions

➤Black box issues (not able to develop models that provide the reasoning behind the choice)

➤In-house errors in applying AI solutions and finding a solution on how to deal with them

Why Choose Us

➤We assist clients in getting acquainted with opportunities to bring their vision into reality

➤Rather than calling ourselves experts, we boast us as learners who are willing to address any complex challenges

➤We aim to change the perception of organizations visualize data not just as a commodity but a powerful elixir