Welcome to Marktine

Marktine offers novel and ingenious business solutions through Data Driven Marketing stratagem powered by data, science and technology. Our solutions are tailor made to customer’s behavioral patterns, well matched and suited to newest technology. We offer innovative, agile and adaptive business solutions across business verticals and disciplines focused with marketing technology on turnkey basis. Marktine enables clients to achieve their financial, operational and sales driven business objectives & goals tactfully.

Our Vision

We don’t just make you succeed, we make you thrive! We’re passionate about making a measurable impact in everything we do. We care for our client’s business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not mere advisors. We share our clients' aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives—so they know we're in this together. Our unique culture and approach deliver enduring results, true to each client’s specific situation. We’ll always do the right thing by our clients, our people and our communities.

Our Mission

We pioneer new ways of establishing connections between brands and customers. Whether we’re developing a new brand position or thinking through a new consumer experience, we collaborate with clients to develop the insights, inventions and plans of attack that move them forward and to empower companies to achieve operational excellence by sharpening their processes and booting their productivity.

Core Values

We aspire to inspire, we create to deliver and renovate until delight!

Bringing in great services to the customers, we value excellence throughout the entire company. Our aim is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers, while focusing on selectivity, openness, Embrace and Driving Change. Empowerment to all is what we intensely believe in, and nothing can dim the lights shining bright within us.

  • Be Marketable
  • Market innovatively is our passion
  • Be agile and high Performer
  • Responsible, Ethical and Communicative


It has always been trouble understanding the data you have, what more data can be sourced, how to manage the existing data and most vitally how to intelligently use the data. Marktine’s data driven marketing approach helps customers to understand their target audience’s behavior and their purchase lifecycle and how technology can be integrated with marketing invincibly. We offer the best mix of portfolio and performance marketing strategies including management, execution, and ROI, and together, we can create enduring change and results.

Integrated Campaign Management Services

Using Best Tools Structurally to manage and analyse every campaign analytically for Maximum Customer Reach and Business.

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Big Data Analytics & Web Analytics

A robust solution for lead management, real time sales and marketing analytics & an automated process to know customer behavior.

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Marketing as a Solution

Delivering High Value End to End, 360 degree marketing Solutions to Enterprise of All capacities, categories and technologies.

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Digital Marketing Monetization

Scaling Digital Services to improve the overall performance & market of an Enterprise’s online across Digital platforms.

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Customized CRM and Business Application

At Marktine, we offer a complete range of customized sales, marketing and operations CRM solutions including sales pipeline management

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Business Partner Channel Development

We enable brands to expand and grow their business with channel distribution model in terms of franchise model development

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