About us

We are a decision science organization assisting clients to leverage their under-utilized, unstructured, raw, and remote data. to perform business impactful applications using AI/ML technologies. We comprise of Data Enthusiasts (engineers, scientists visualizers), Business Consultants, and Sales Managers with a core focus to address your business growth via data.

  • Trusted Advisory Team
  • Data Enthusiasts
  • Robust Client Management

Delivering systematic, robust and reliable Data Solutions

Data Science

Use Advanced Data Solutions to explore possible outcomes to transform existing data infrastructure

  • Transform conventional prediction methods
  • Streamlining Data
  • Discover hidden opportunities
Data Migration

Move data packages from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based storage for better optimization

  • Manage huge data packets and tracking
  • Data Governance, Planning and Expertise
  • Data prep software skills
Data Warehousing

Use and transform data aggregation from several resources to offer better optimization and engagement

  • Summarized and Multi-dimensional view of data
  • Better communication among teams
  • Effective risk/fraud Manager
Big Data

We deal with large unstructured datasets and use extensive technologies to drive contextual understanding of it

  • Data Collection with Minimal effort
  • Better Data representation
  • Find better correlations
Business Intelligence

Better satisfy the need of companies to develop, revamp and improve insightful reporting

  • Open Integration with Data Governance
  • Geospatial Mapping
  • What-If Analysis
Data Analytics

We adhere to extract meaningful information from complex and raw data to make better decisions.

  • Raw data Processing with better understanding
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Reduce Risks
Why choose Marktine?
We aim to minimize the gap between the client and their data!
Client Tailored Approach

Understand customer requirements and optimize resource usage and efficiency

Robust 24*7 Support

Offering robust services with AI experts across international working hours

Data scientists cum geeks

Industry recommended approaches with efficiency, reduced costs, and security

Best Business-Data Consulting

Data Science capabilities by aligning business demands with the management team

Our Business Partners

We Partner with Amazing Brands!