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How AI Can Help CPG Companies to Improve the Rising Pressure on Order Delivery Performance?

Since the demand for same and next day delivery increases, CPG companies are faced with rising pressure to keep products on the shelf. Consumers expect to be able to buy what they want, when they want and brands need to deliver that. To help retailers satisfy the growing demand for on-shelf availability, it is wise to utilize a wide range of AI solutions that improve the order management process.

Top Data Analytics Trends Transforming Financial Industry

The financial market is one of the most important markets worldwide, with many professional analysts and consultants keeping a close eye on FinTech startups and their products. Big data analytics has become one of the buzzwords in the banking sector and it needs to be applied with the latest technologies to keep pace with the rapidly changing customer needs in all spheres of business. In addition to safeguarding the financial information, big data solutions offer the finance industry to predict vulnerabilities, estimate credit risk and generate loyalty.