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XPA ENGINE ( Cross-Platform Business Application )

Our XPA Solution empowers fast formation of cross-stage business applications for Web, Desktop, Mobile, etc. to help you get the most of new business rapidly and on-request

➤Unrivaled application execution and profitability Higher profitability and lower all out
➤The expense of proprietorship (TCO)
➤Expanded End-Client Satisfaction
➤Asset Improvement

What is XPA

Same Algorithm Easily Applicable & Deployable Everywhere

XPA Engine provides quick and easy cross-border business application development for any platform giving you and edge to take advantage of every business opportunities

Quick Application Advancement

Quick application advancement and conveyance is made conceivable with xpa's low-code stage, visual planner interface and part based engineering.

Venture Grade Engine

Controlled by an In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG), xpa is the ideal answer for you to grow superior, self-recuperating, versatile applications.

Future Ready Technology

XPAs exceptional metadata-driven methodology stays up with the latest with innovative advances, disposing of the requirement for consistent redevelopment.

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Core Features Include


Smooth out your application improvement by effectively making components once and reusing them, drastically chopping down your dev time and wiping out copy work.

Visual Interface

The interface is pure drag and drop, code-free.  It provides an easy to use interface letting even non-tech clients rapidly make amazing applications.

Agile Applications

With the capacity to quickly create business applications for Desktop, web and cell phones, and for any working framework, you can move your concentration to making the correct business rationale while letting Magic xpa make an interpretation of it into pragmatic arrangements

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➤Overall specialized, client, and Professional Services uphold
➤Future-evidence innovation
➤Expanded future development openings
➤Higher profitability and lower the all-out expense of proprietorship (TCO)
➤Unrivaled application execution and profitability

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    • Prevalent application execution and efficiency
    • Expanded end-client fulfillment
    • Asset streamlining
    • Expanded future development openings
    • Overall specialized, client
    • Professional Services uphold

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