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Resume Parser Provides Reliable Resume Data Capture in a Quick and Efficient Manner

What is a Resume Parser?

Martine’s Resume Parser provides the most trusted and reliable CV/Resume parsing services across SAAS solutions. Resume Parser uses the latest features such as pattern recognition, semantic analysis, and NLP in Artificial Intelligence. It can easily extract relevant data sets required by the user and provides several extra features to use the extracted database for future analysis and hiring process.

➤Automating your initial hiring process
➤Hire critical roles required with the help of AI
➤Remove Labour-intensive staff and improve efficiency

Extract critical data from resume for better assessment


Current Industry Challenges

Traditional Resume Processing

Time-consuming Hiring Processes

More back-office oriented work

No timely deliverables


Core Features Include

Multiple Taxonomy Extraction

With Marktine’s Resume Parses, users can easily select multiple resumes to extract relevant data-sets required for the next step hiring process. This process uses the latest AI technologies and natural language processing.

➤Use AI NLP Method for parsing resumes
➤Select word (Skills, education, etc.) as per choice
➤Extracts relevant role-specific data for assessment

Making Search More Accurate

We are regularly updating our resume parser Services for enhanced accuracy with the assistance of linguistic experts and highly skilled developers. This leads to better accuracy in searches with more search parameters, reading almost every resume style and format. We are continuously updating with the latest technological updates.

➤Regularly updating extraction algorithm to improve search
➤Single-click data output with 99% Accuracy
➤User’s regular search leading to better learning of parser

Multiple Data Pull-out Methods

Marktine’s resume parses give more flexibility to the users to pull data in JSON, excel file, and multiple output formats. Also, this can also be accessed in the user's internal resume monitoring dashboard. This gives users better-customized interoperability.

➤Data Extraction Made Easy
➤Multiple Format Availability
➤Enhance CV Score Capture options availability

Better Customization Services

We focus on better integrations options to be able to connect with users dedicated in-house or 3rd party HR software solutions. We provide an open API for enhanced integration opportunities. The solutions work remotely through the cloud and our in-house team assists clients to connect Marktine’s Resume Parser with their on-going HR software solutions.

➤Easy to use UI with custom features
➤Smooth connectivity with other applications
➤Dedicated Support to assist in Customization

Enhanced Security With Your Internal Resume Database

We take an enhanced assessment from the data-security aspect. We work on the most secured cloud solutions provider to guarantee with no compromise on internal data security on your HR databases.

➤Secured Resume Database Connectivity
➤Remote/ Could Availability as per request
➤Trusted for Security by Multiple Vendors


Resume Selection with AI Support

  • Multiple Output formats available (JSON, excel etc.)
  • Improving Hiring speed with conversion by parsing initial aspects
  • Reduce your back-office labour strength
  • Help structure the Resumes for better assessment
  • Unlimited Resume parsing
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