Marketing as a Solution

In the era of cloud computing, this has been prevailed that customization is a growing trend and preference for users. Here with Marktine we offer customized marketing and marketing technology solutions across capacities. We cover 360 degree solutions across marketing disciplines and marketing technology areas.

These can be categorized majorly in:
  • Strategic Marketing : Market segmentation or segment planning, marketing plan design, develop, enablement execution and management system, opportunity analysis, service offering prioritization, develop content marketing system and implementation, budget planning and allocation, Channel partner management.
  • Performance Marketing : Design and develop demand generation framework (activities and tactics), campaign design and execution (email, social media, Google AdWords), co-marketing (BP channel performance), marketing and branding messaging, performance tracking and result implementation.
  • Marketing Analytics : Analysis of all collected data or from database for critical business level decisions in terms of revenue target achievement, sales and marketing generated attributed revenue analysis, sales forecasting, marketing budget allocation model development, sales pipeline analysis and model building for service or offerings portfolio prioritization model.
  • Market Intelligence : This is an important discipline, which talks about the health of any company, sector, industry and ecosystem from all aspects (operations, marketing, sales, finance, IT, HR and Legal). This is a combination of desk/secondary research and primary research. We have deep level expertise in competitive research & analysis, opportunity analysis, new market entry analysis with new product or service, identifying quality leads, industry/ company/account profiling, persona based profiling and overall all type of market research with deliverables in presentations, word or pdf format.
Few of our value added MaaS services are :