What We Offer

We at Marktine, are offering efficient, smart and innovative solutions to help our client’s business become smooth, responsive, and intelligent. We deliver cost efficient and optimal AI-based services in the field of consumer behavior, platform personalization, for building predictive engines, making data-driven decisions, giving insights based on AI which will eventually help our clients to forecast future demands to market analytics. Our team identifies the specific AI-based use case for the clients so, that we can exactly hit and kill the root cause of the problem. We deliver top-notch AI solutions to our clients for making the most out of their data.

Our Approach

➤We develop AI models based upon transfer learning, i.e. a single model can be used for multiple problems.
➤We build a strategic approach for AI implementation which requires setting objectives, identifying KPIs, and tracking ROI.
➤Development of CRM platforms that are embedded with AI functionality. These platforms can do real-time data analysis in order to provide predictions as well as recommendations based on your company’s unique business processes and customer data.
➤Interpret the complex data effortlessly, detect trends, identify patterns that promote the quality of business.
➤Analyze the latest market trends and requirements using data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning.
➤Understand customer requirements and optimize resource usage and efficiency.
➤We offer business-based decision management, which allows our clients to enhance their profits by using reliable algorithms and predictive systems to make decisions.
➤Using systematic strategic approaches and methodologies, our team develops AI-based applications that empower our clients and help them achieve their goals with greater agility, reduced costs, and built-in security.

Challenges Addressed

➤Our team focus on creating tech that is probabilistic, as opposed to deterministic.
➤Synthetic data is created artificially basing on real data or from scratch, for developing efficient AI models.
➤We adopt the white-box models which are transparent to reduce the challenges faced in black-box models.
➤We take care of Biasin data while testing models to achieve unbiased and probabilistic results.
➤Integrating AI into an existing system is a bigger challenge than actually using AI to solve the problem.
➤Running models quickly and efficiently in a real-time environment.

Why Choose Us

➤Our team offers quality AI applications with rights reserved for the clients.
➤We define the problem very narrowly−AI solutions don’t work if you don’t have a narrow scope.
➤We include the latest technologies, which help our team to evolve your business for the better. Also, we consider expert assistance and consulting services and effortlessly meet your business targets.
➤Our AI platform services are specially designed to suit the varied needs of our clients and are implemented to deliver maximum benefits without any issues or discrepancies.
➤To help our client’s business and application always stay ahead, we offer 24/7 support and maintenance services and work with AI experts and get trustworthy assistance.