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Guaranteed Conversions are made using Conversational AI

    What is Conversational AI?

    Conversational AI transforms your current ongoing Human-centric customer support to automated AI induced techno-savvy solutions benefitting users multifold. They are automated, personalized as per the demand of the industry. With omnichannel integration and an AI support base, Conversational AI gives you an edge in the ongoing Digital AI revolution and win your customers against competitors.

    ➤Omni-Channel support dashboard
    ➤Customized MIS Reporting
    ➤Analytics-Driven Dashboard
    ➤Regular Alerts and Monitoring in a Single Platform
    ➤Automating Regular common Tasks


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    Current Industry Challenges

    Automating Digital Business Process

    Enterprise level AI with Affordability

    Providing Real Value via AI Engagement

    Combining All Communication Platforms


    Core Features Include

    Integrated WhatsApp Business

    Influence the world's biggest informing application to hold important discussions with your clients and representatives. From sending business-basic notices to quickly captivating with leads and prospects, WhatsApp Integration can mean genuine business.

    ➤Send Notification
    ➤Engage via direct contacts
    ➤Offer regular updates
    ➤Engage with internal Team

    Customer Engagement

    Interact, discuss and convert clients, whenever, in any language, and develop your brand. With an AI-controlled chatbot, you can convert a passing visitor, strategically pitch and up-sell, help item disclosure, dispatch keen advancements, plan updates, and many more. Directly Engage in your deals and to accomplish more!

    ➤24/7 AI Chatbot Assistance
    ➤Assist Customers with Product Discovery
    ➤Capture Leads Directly
    ➤Answer Direct FAQs

    Employee Engagement

    Directly Automate all your HR Processes with cloud, equipped for conveying any kind of messages and updates across employees via AI. Embrace a different and better approach to converse, track, update, and retain your employees

    ➤AI Virtual Assistant for Employees
    ➤Manage regular processes (Leave, Payroll, Onboarding, etc.)
    ➤Track any updated of employees easily
    ➤Answer Regularly asked FAQs via AI

    Customer Support

    Drive productivity, faithfulness, and development at each phase of your client lifecycle. Conversations can see a significant improvement in time management. There is a decrease in reaction time and the time taken to determine questions, radically. They can automatically detect the need for a live customer support agent and transfer the chat to them.

    ➤Agent Transfer as per demand
    ➤Multiple Channel Integration Availability
    ➤Direct Call Notifications
    ➤Answer Direct FAQs
    ➤Customer Support Automation

    Enterprise Automation

    With industry automation across ITSM, Supply Chain, Procurement, and Finance; worldwide endeavours are seeing great cost savings, with better UI Experience and faster query resolve delivery mechanism, better service delivery, and overall helping in improving revenue.

    ➤Incidence Management
    ➤Critical Alerts and Monitoring
    ➤On-Call Management
    ➤Invoicing/Payments Management
    ➤Distribution list Management


    Resume Selection with AI Support
    • Serve your Customer’s Needs 24*7
    • Improving Hiring speed with conversion by parsing initial aspects
    • Reduce your back-office labour strength
    • Help structure the Resumes for better assessment
    • Unlimited Resume parsing
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      • Send Notification and engage via direct contacts
      • 24/7 AI Chatbot Assistance
      • Assist Customers
      • Agent Transfer as per demand
      • Multiple Channel Integration
      • Invoicing/Payments Management

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