XPI Integration

One Platform to give you integrated

and seamless connectivity

    One Platform to give you integrated and seamless connectivity

    XPI Platform

    A simple, easy code-free experience with low maintenance technology, XPI assists you in integrating all your business applications (cloud or on-premise or hybrid deployments) to help your organization maximize its opportunities.

    ➤Single entry for bound together admittance to business data
    ➤Visual Data Mapper changes data paying little mind to design
    ➤Technical Assessment of exemptions and blunders in business measures
    ➤Basic and natural demonstrating condition and graphical UI

    Enhance Connectivity in your Business

    Centralized Controlling

    Interface and control the entirety of your information streams using a single platform for boosted profitability, business progression, and hierarchical proficiency.

    Simplifying Automation

    Easily Dispose of monotonous, manual undertakings by automating your process across your business with enhanced speed and consistency

    Future-Ready Technology

    Keeping all the connections active throughout application tenure to avoid meeting any critical business interruption

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    Core Features Include

    No Code Required

    With our easy to understand, no-code application including intuitive graphical UI and wizards, IT people, and other team members in your organization can easily create the desired process flow without having any technical background. They also have the option to place any custom code

    Enterprise Grade

    Have the liberty of being free of any interruptions. Be confident while automating your integrations using XPI with assistance from our data grid architecture providing instant back-up of processes assuring users with ideal performance across levels

    Assess and Monitor

    Get exact information about your activities through our simple to-utilize electronic dashboard. Users can easily view project stats and even check detailed views of selected projects mentioning time periods. Dig deep into the data to find insightful analysis to improve business performance

    Mapping Data Visually

    With the following, we empower users to create their own integration flows and help create different endpoints and hubs.

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      • Constant 360° perspective on client data
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