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Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Marketing function plays the role of spine for an organization. Marktine’s unified marketing strategy enables an organization to understand and assess the addressable market, competitive scenario, industry trends and challenges followed by planning and execution on how to introduce the product or service in target market with logical customer segmentation, media mix allocation and appropriate sales channels as per nature of business. Our highly experienced brand management team make sure an effective and result oriented brand portfolio management, brand positioning and brand realization.

Unless we have an ROI against each of the marketing activities, all is meaningless hence we empowered our marketing strategy & consulting engine by Performance Management System. Our analytics based performance management system controls all monitory leakages, campaign performance and corrective actions, budget planning and future plans

Market Assessment

Marktine’s assessment approach is very comprehensive and highly structured. Our approach covers both internal and external feasibility levels and business dependencies. We initiate with business description and legal structure in order to know customer demand and market opportunity, served products and services, how are these meeting customer demands and probable legal aspects and limitations. As a next step we analyse industry thoroughly including current situation, trends and future outlook followed by customer analysis and comprehensive competitive research exercise

Planning and Go-To-Market Strategy

Marketing planning & execution is the key responsibility to run this entire ecosystem till this gets success. As a very first action, customer segmentation with market prioritization is right start, which needs product or service portfolio prioritization as per market conditions and target audience demographics. GTM strategy defines marketing budget, marketing revenue targets and ROI on a very serious note in order to do effective media, promotions and campaign planning.

GTM strategy can’t be completed without a strong business development or sales channel strategy. Marktine possesses strong capability in sales channel development, enablement and performance check of entire direct and indirect channel systems

Performance Management

Performance should be measurable and quantifiable. To manage the performance, it is utmost required to know your target audience in best manner, hence persona based profiling or customer profiling is first step to manage the system. Post knowing our target customers well it is easy for a marketer, what to communicate, how to and when to communicate the desired message.

In the continuation of this sequence, marketer feel very sorted conceptually and is able to design a suitable campaign now with nurture science. Parallel to all, sales & marketing enablement is highly recommended by suitable trainings and work-shops delivery. All such marketing tactics and activities have to be evaluated under specific process as there is a budget involved.

Marktine believes in continuous improvement, innovation and implementation.

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Marktine offers novel and ingenious business solutions through Data Driven Marketing stratagem powered by data, science and technology. Our solutions are tailor made to customer’s behavioral patterns, well matched and suited to newest technology.

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309, Neelkanth Tower, C-Scheme, Jaipur, PIN – 302001